General FAQs

Where are you located?

Studio address: 55 West Street, Walpole, MA
We are open by appointment.

How do I book a session?

Simply email or call the studio to arrange a date for your session. Both a signed contract and non-refundable session fee are required to reserve your session.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?

In the event of cancellation, the session fee may be transferred to another date, provided the new date is within 14 days of the original.

What is the session like?

We allow time for younger children to get comfortable with the photographer when they first arrive. We find it’s best if kids view the photo shoot as something fun rather than something they have to do! Most kids do not give a natural smile on demand. Instead we use a variety of methods to make them laugh. We ask that parents sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Can we do our session outdoors?

We can photograph all sessions except newborns outside. We will travel to outdoor locations within 20 minutes of our studio for no additional fee. The session fee for south shore beaches is $250. Have another location in mind? Let us know and will will provide you with a travel quote.

Outdoor sessions are best photographed within the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset.

Do you offer specials?

We typically offer specials before Easter and Christmas, and sometimes a few in between. Space is limited and priority is given to our past clients.

What should we wear?

Children are best captured in a soft color palette, allowing their personality to be the boldest part of the photo. We have a unique collection of props and wardrobe pieces from around the world to complement your little one.

We provide everything for newborns and have an adorable wardrobe for babies up to one year. You may use our wardrobe pieces for your whole session or mix in a few of ours with yours. If you do bring outfits, we recommend checking out our Pinterest board to get an idea of what works best for our photography.

How long will it take to get my order?

Generally, 2-3 weeks for prints, cards, and digital images and 6-8 weeks for all other products. Our turnaround time may vary during busy times of year.

How do I place my order?

Orders must be placed during your in-studio ordering session. Ordering sessions for studio sessions (excluding newborns) take place the same day as your session. Ordering sessions for newborn and outdoor sessions take place within one week of your session date. We do not offer online galleries.


Newborn FAQs

When should I schedule my appointment?

We recommend making an appointment while you’re in your second or third trimester. We will schedule a tentative session date based on your due date. If you have the baby much earlier or later than your due date, we will reschedule your session, based on the baby’s actual birth date. Please note that our schedule is very full and it is important that you notify us as soon as possible if the baby is early or late. We do not photograph newborns on the weekends.

Will you come to my home?

In order to maintain a consistent aesthetic and light, we do all newborn sessions at our studio.

How old should the baby be?

4-12 days old

Can I bring the baby’s siblings?

Siblings are welcome to attend the first part of the session, but we ask that someone is available to take them out of the studio after their photos are complete. Newborn sessions typically last about 3 hours, which is too long for a toddler to sit through!

What if I have an older newborn?

It is essential that babies are between 4 and 12 days old, when they are very sleepy and easy to pose, to get the best possible photos. If you have an older baby, we encourage you to wait until their next milestone: 3 months or when they can hold their head up, 6 months or when they can sit up, and 1 year.

Do I need to bring clothes for the baby?

Clothes are not necessary – we typically use our own wraps and blankets during the shoot and try to keep the baby as natural as possible. If you’d like to bring something for the baby to wear, we suggest a white, natural, or pastel colored onesie.

What should I bring?

Extra diapers, wipes, and formula if you’re bottle feeding. We have a private room for breast feeding. If possible, feed your baby right before you leave for the session.

Do you provide all the props, blankets, wraps, etc.?

Yes, we have carefully selected a beautiful array of props, wraps and blankets that photograph beautifully and suit our clean, timeless style.

What should I expect during the session?

  • When you first arrive, we will show you the props, wraps, and blankets we have selected for your session.
  • We spend a lot of time waiting for the baby to get into a deep sleep. This process can take awhile – there is no rush!
  • We take a lot of breaks for feeding and cuddling.
  • We heat the studio to about 85 degrees for the baby’s comfort (we recommend adults dress in layers!).
  • The photographer works to find the best poses for your baby. All babies are different – some babies will do some poses and not others.
  • Sessions typically last 3 hours.
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